4,050 Gallon Poly HDPE Water Storage Tank 101”D x 129”H


  • 以上储存或不饮用水的地上储存
  • 雨水收集
  • 防火
  • Landscape/Irrigation
  • 还有很多


  • All Images and Drawing are for Illustrative
  • 目的仅限,不一定代表这一确切产品
  • 尺寸可以在聚乙烯罐中变化+/- 3%(标准旋转成型耐受性)
  • Polyethylene water tanks are designed for water storage only at atmospheric pressure only and venting equipment should be sized to limit pressure or vacuum to a maximum of 1/2" water column (0.018 PSI)
  • The tank is made from Bpa free, FDA Compliant
  • 树脂是NSF认证的制造工厂
  • For warranty to be valid, the tank must be installed and used per manufacturer's guidelines for use and installation
  • Must use flexible connectors on all fitting connections per tank manufacture's recommendations
  • BPA Free&FDA兼容
  • Quality Construction & Durable
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 有货和今天出售



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4050 Gal Green HDPE储水箱。利用最先进的一体式无缝结构的状态,以获得高质量的存储能力。
Line Drawing:4050.gallon

容量 4050.
直径 101“
Apex Height 129“
重量 650.
材料 高密度聚乙烯(HDPE)
颜色 绿色的
底部配件 2“舱壁法兰
Top Fitting 2“舱壁法兰
盖子尺寸/类型 22″ Vented Manway
比重 1.0(仅限供水)
生产 Bushman
认证 NSF / ANSI-61

Additional Information

D / W.